Tipp-Off-Animal-Rescue Adoption Questionnaire

Why so many Questions?

It is vital to match up the 'Correct' Dog to the 'Correct' Family.

Your activity levels and lifestyles will be considered in finding a Dog that is just right for you whether you want a Dog who will share your couch with you, or maybe you want to compete in Agilty, Flyball, Trials , Schutzhund or any level in between. We will try and find the best possible home for 'The Dog' and we have found from many years of experience that picking a Dog because it looks pretty doen't often work.
You have seen on Forums that a Dog that has been rehomed is returned to Rescue because his energy levels dont match the new owners.
This is very distressing for the Dog, which is why we 'assess' the Dog prior to rehoming.

Height of fence needs to match the individual Animal.
1 Metre may sufice for a Small Dog, but Not for an Active Agility Dog, for Example!

Choosing the pretty GSD with a Very High Drive may be unsuitable for many!
You Must match Your energy levels with the Dog.
A High Drive Dog will ALWAYS test You.

All Dogs can be demanding especially when first brought into the new home.
Its takes time for THEM to get used to YOUR routines, and YOU to THEIRS.
Make sure you Dog Proof your home until things 'settle down'.
Are You positive you can spend plenty of time........

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